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Online tool to create:
Seamless Presentation - Animated Infographics - Dynamic Websites - Contents Aggregator - Virtual Desktops - Application Interfaces - OnStore promotional - More...

Import ANY file, even REAL LIVE WEBSITES
Create VISUALLY your projects.
Works on ANY browser/device HTML5 compliant.


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Webeaser, content visualizer.

Webeaser is an online application that lets you create seamless presentations, animated infographics, dynamic websites, contents aggregators, virtual-remote desktops and much more...

The basic principles are very easy and will let you create a project (presentation, infographics, website, etc...) in a very few time. No technical skills are required, everything is very simple and intuitive and anyone can do it.

Check out the Basic Principles infographics.
The result is a seamless engaging experience for your audience. All you see is pure HTML, no canvas, no video, no rendering time. Webeaser is SEO friendly. The project is immediately accessible with its own url (you can limit access) from everywhere with any device/browser HTML5 compliant. Premium users may also download an offline version.
Seamless and animated presentations,
infographics, websites and more...


WARNING: your current browser has not been tested yet,
if possibile use the CHROME browser to see the examples...
Here you can see the some draft examples of what you can do with webeaser.
Some are presentations/infographics, some are websites, some are in between...
webeaser example: intro
webeaser example: WhitePresentation
webeaser example: Medical01
webeaser example: t1
webeaser example: Next One
webeaser example: simply
webeaser example: tech1
webeaser example: trees
webeaser example: PoleInfographic
webeaser example: Pres01
webeaser example: MyFirstPresentation
webeaser example: SimplePresentation
webeaser example: Classic Website
webeaser example: Website04
webeaser example: Web_02
webeaser example: SeamlessWebsite
webeaser example: vacation-1
webeaser example: Business_01
webeaser example:Business_02
webeaser example:zoomin
an online personal computer,
access your clouds, work on your files.


Webeaser is a Multifunctional Content Visualizer and you can use it to create a lot of different projects. Presentation, Infographics and Websites are the main choices but you can use webeaser in a creative way and create other types of projects: contents aggregators, virtual desktops, on-store promotional video, info points, applications interfaces, educational purposes, surveys, etc...

Production: our creative team

We can create for you Presentations, Infographics, Websites or whatever you need. If you dont' have time to create a projects by yourself, if you don't want to learn how to user webeaser (even if it is very easy) or if you need graphic/layout advices, our Creative Team is available for any request, just provide us details and data and we will transform your data in an animated, seamless, dynamic project.

  • Send us an email with your request and with the data you need to layout.
  • We will keep your data safe and private, we will destroy your data after the project has been done.
  • We can sign non disclosure agreements if required.
  • We accept any readable data format (docs, powerpoint, notes, excel, pdf, etc...).
  • We will examine your request and provide you a cost estimation and a description/storyboard of what we are going to do.
  • If you accept, we will create your project in a few days.
  • You don't even need to register to webeaser. We will provide you a custom url for your project.
  • If you are a registered user, you can modify and re-use the project for any purpose.

import different websites and
display them all in a single view.

Performances and compliance

Webeaser has been developed in HTML5 (no canvas), Javascript and php on the chrome browser. Webeaser gives it best performances on chromium based browsers (Chrome, the new MS Edge, Opera, Brave, etc...). Be sure to update your browser to last versions. Webeaser is a sophisticated software that requires last generation browsers, see below supported versions.
browser behaviour
chrome logo Chrome and chromium based browser are the ones on which webeaser gives its best performances. If possible always choose chrome for editing projects and for viewing them.
opera logo Opera is a chromium based browser (like many others) thus webeaser performs fine.
safari logo Safari performs fine. Latest versions, on new computers, perform very good.
edge logo The new Edge version (78) is based on chromium and performs very well, older versions have lower performances.
firefox logo Firefox is the less performant browser for webeaser. Its performances strongly depend on browser version (use at least version 69 Firefox Quantum) and video hardware. Old versions or old hardware have lower performances. We suggest to use another browser.
mobile behaviour
android logo Performances on smartphones depends on the smartphone's capabilities. On last models it performs really well.
ios logo Webeaser performs fine on iPhones and iPads.
source wikipedia, data read on 2019.

Membership plans

You can FREE REGISTER to webeaser or choose a payed membership with many more features, have a look:


  • Your webeaser is hosted on our server.
  • Advertising may appear.
  • It cannot be embedded on other websites.
  • 1GB limit of space on the webeaser cloud.
  • Max. 3 layouts.
  • Webeaser watermark on bottom left.
  • NO offline version.
  • Import max 2 external websites.


  • Your webeaser is hosted on our server.
  • Offline version downloadable.
  • No advertising.
  • It can be embedded on other websites.
  • 3GB limits on the webeaser cloud.
  • Max. 10 layouts.
  • Webeaser watermark on bottom left.
  • Import max 4 external websites.


  • Your webeaser can be hosted on your server.
  • Access also to premium personal space.
  • Offline version downloadable.
  • No advertising.
  • It can be embedded on other websites.
  • No GB limits on the webeaser cloud.
  • Unlimited number of layouts.
  • No Webeaser watermark.
  • No limits in importing external websites.
  • Immediate support.

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Please feel free to contact us for any reason, you can also send us an email to info@webeaser.com or send us a message through our webeaser facebook page .

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