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The best online tool to create seamless, animated and interactive live Presentations, Infographics, Websites and much more...

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The New Webeaser Virtual Desktop

We are developing the new Webeaser Virtual Desktop and are about to release it.
Contact us if you want to be informed as soon as it is available.

If you are interested in the VIRTUAL DESKTOP, leave us your email.
We will contact you as soon as it is ready and to thank you for your patience we will offer you a dedicated membership.

By leaving us your email you agree to be contacted exclusively to notify you of the publication of the new Virtual Desktop

The Virtual Dekstop

Use webeaser as a virtual desktop: an online PC where clouds are your hard disks, web applications are your programs and webeaser is your OS.

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You can use Webeaser to create Presesentation, Infographics, Websites, Virtual Desktop but also Applications Interfaces, OnStore Shows and any kind of project where the main purpose is showing contents in an engaging and impacting way.

in store shows

Seamless and Animated.

Contents are placed in a single limitless environment and are shown seamlessly and animated within a path.


Import any resource.

Displayed contents are real DOM objects (no canvas) so you can import also live websites and custom html/JS pages.

even live websites
build aggregators

Create contents inside webeaser.

Create Texts, Symbols, Shapes, Tables, Buttons, Charts and more or use customizable templates to fast create any project.

texts, symbols, shapes, lines
tables & charts

Interactive paths.

Create multiple paths and let the user drive its experience interacting with the project.

simple path
multiple paths

Publish worldwide.

Created projects (presentations, infographics, websites, etc...) are immediately available with their own URL and can be viewed with any HTML5 compliant browser/device.


Present in real time.

You can drive your presentation on your audience devices in real time. Users that will visit your project (with a specific address) will see your project driven by you.

For example you can set a chat/videochat session (with any external service) and drive your presentation on users browsers as they are listening to you.


Please feel free to contact us for any reason, you can also send us an email to info@webeaser.com or send us a message through our webeaser facebook page.

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