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The New Webeaser Virtual Desktop

We are developing the new Webeaser Virtual Desktop and are about to release it.
Contact us if you want to be informed as soon as it is available.

If you are interested in the VIRTUAL DESKTOP, leave us your email.
We will contact you as soon as it is ready and to thank you for your patience we will offer you a dedicated membership.

By leaving us your email you agree to be contacted exclusively to notify you of the publication of the new Virtual Desktop

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Webeaser hosted on our server
Install on personal domain/server
No advertising
Embeddable in other websites
Offline versione available
[available in 2023]
No webeaser watermark
Max. importable external websites 2 4 NO LIMIT
Webeaser cloud storage limit 1 GB 3 GB NO LIMIT
Max. number of projects 3 10 NO LIMIT
Full immediate support

per month
(min. 12)
per month
(min. 12)
Available in 2023
* it is the maximum number of projects you can have at the same time, of course you can delete an old project and create a new one if the limit is respected.
Since DOMAIN OWNER MEMBERSHIP is not yet supported, if you need to create more than 10 projects with a PREMIUM USER MEMBERSHIP, proceed as follows:
  • Create a new webeaser user, register by using the SAME EMAIL but A DIFFERENT USERNAME.
  • As we receive the payment we will remove the new user (the one you just created) and we will allow your original membership to create any number of projects.
  • When you log in webeaser, on the profile window (USER MENU->MY PROFILE) you will see 'premium[2] user' as your membership type.
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