WEBEASER: create seamless user interfaces for your applications.

User Interfaces

By importing custom HTML/JS files and by using the webeaser API you can code any kind of behaviour, display it inside the webeaser environment and interact/control the environment.

A web applications (as any application) can be splitted in its core, logic part and its visual, interface part. You can then use webeaser as a visualization tool taking advantage of all webeaser features.

The idea is simple:

  • you import custom HTML/JS files which communicate via AJAX to server side scripts;
  • the application behaviour is coded between JS and server side scripts:
  • the custom html, by using the webeaser APIs, can drive the user's experience at its demand creating and moving planes and camera.
For example: a custom html/js (displayed inside webeaser) present some choices to the user. Upon a choice, some data are retrieved through in ajax call to a php file on a server (which queries a database and replies the data). The custom html/js file upon reception of the data, creates a new plane inside webeaser with, as it content, another custom html/js file with some url parameters. This second html/js file by interpreting the url parameters displays the data in pre-formatted way.

Webeaser API are a set of javascript calls you can use inside your custom html/js file. They include the possibility to create/destroy planes with a given content, move them, move the camera and other features.

A webeaser user interface offers you some advantages:

  • Webeaser features: your application will benefit, in its interface part, of the 3D multi contents webeaser features and of the seamlessly behaviour of webeaser.
  • Easy: the API are very easy usable javascript functions. No particular code skill is required.
  • Web based: your application is delivered on browsers and accessible by any one.

Creating user interfaces in webeaser is very easy and fast, everyone can do it. Register now for free to immediately start creating your projects or watch some examples here.

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