WEBEASER: Create contents aggregators, display more websites.


Aggregators are one of the most interesting webeaser feature. Webeaser let you import different external websites and display them gathered in a single view. Moreover webeaser lt you aggregate clouds and servers, display their content in a standard filesystem look&feel and operate on them as you usually do on your pc (see virtual desktop).

There are many opportunities to use an aggregator:

  • Dashboards: you can import different websites (a newspaper, a meteo, a tv channel, etc...) and create a single page with all these resources.
  • Collections: you can create a collection of similare websites. In this example we have gathered the six main italian tv channels in a single view.
  • Work: in webeaser you can bind web applications to files types. You can then have a view with two ore more documents you are working on.
  • Compare: you can put side-by-side two or more websites and compare them visually.
  • Clouds: in webeaser you can aggregate different clouds and servers and have them all in a single environment.
  • Monitoring: collect different websites in a single view to monitor them all instantly.

Of course you can still use all the auto-animation and auto-easing features to create a seamless amazing user experience.

Creating aggregators in webeaser is very easy and fast, everyone can do it. Register now for free to immediately start creating your projects or watch some examples here.
Gather different websites in a single view.
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