WEBEASER: create seamless, dynamic, amazing, original websites.

Dynamic seamless website

Creating a website is as easy as creating an interactive presentation. The user drives his experience by clicking interactive elements and playing different parts of the global path.

Websites created with webeaser are:

  • Seamless: pages are not shown one after another in a static way. Webeaser let you fly among pages and live the journey experience between a page and another.
  • Animated: elements can be moved and animated allowing you to create nice visual effects and a more effective comunication and users engagement.
  • Customized: in webeaser you can import HTML/JS files as well. On these files you can code any kind of required functionality. Webeaser let you interact with the webeaser environment through a set of APIs that let you control all the contents.
  • Targeted: You can target different device and different browser providing a personalized unique experience to any user.
  • SEO friendly: Webeaser displays texts, images and links so that Search Engines can correctly parse the page and gather relevant informations.
  • Original: No other web tool let you create such kind of websites. The result is new and original.

HTML integration
Webeaser is a visualization tool, but if you need specific functionalities on your webeaser site (a contact form for example), you can code what you need in a custom HTML/JS file and then import it in your webeaser site. If you create your custom HTML/JS with a transparent background, it will perfectly integrate in the environment.

In this way you can implement any behaviour/functionality in your webeaser website.

Creating websites in webeaser is very easy and fast, everyone can do it. Register now for free to immediately start creating your projects or watch some examples here.
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